About Us

The world is big, and Silicon Valley is no longer the center of innovation. At Uluru, we are all here together to make our business successful under three company strategies; rigorous innovation, customer satisfaction and globalization. Since the date we are established, we have been bringing all the key elements of our strategy executed right away. We have the following backgrounds;

  • 20+ year Australian Caravan & Camper Manufacturing experience
  • 30+ year US major RV manufacturing experience
  • 20+ year Global Automotive Marketing experience

Some of our highlighted capability that you can be assured about our products are:

  • Cutting edge product design capability based on 3D based design software application from product development stage to manufacturing floors
  • Precision parts are assembled with human error free owing to automated production equipment such as Laser cutter, CNC machines
  • Market oriented strategy that can best serve your needs

We welcome you to enjoy our campers and be part of the Uluru Family. Your feedback for our products always welcomed and appreciated.

Please contact to info@UluruCampers.com.au